2017 Elk County Fair Rides

We are selling advance tickets to the 2017 Elk County Fair. These will be a weekly pass (Tuesday through Saturday) for $25 each. That will equal out to $5 a night! You will be able to enter the fair on Thursday night with this pass, but you will not be able to enter the concert. You will need to buy a separate ticket for the Kentucky Headhunters. With this pass you will be able to participate in all activities and rides that the fair has to offer (excluding the Kentucky Headhunters concert).  They will only be available until Sunday August 6, 2017 and can be purchased at the following places:

*Stewart’s Jewelers

114 South Michael Street

St. Marys, PA 15857


 They will be also be available for purchase on Sunday August 6, 2017 at Registration for the fair.


Here is one of the rides that we will be offering at this years fair:

64 ft rock climb

This is the 64 FOOT ROCK CLIMB!!!

Dimensions: 64ftL x 12ftW x 18ft H

This amazing course will give you the challenge you’re looking for!
Race through this challenging obstacle course.

How fast can you crawl though the maze of tunnels, climb over walls, hurdle over obstacles, and blast across the finish line?


Please check out the UNITED INFLATABLE RIDES tab on elkcountyfair.wordpress.com to see all of the rides we will be providing this year.


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