Open Horse Show


Saturday August 11, 2018 beginning at Noon at the 4-H Horse Ring.
There will be ribbons for first, second and third place.
Entry Fee is $25 show all day per horse/rider combo or $4 per class.
All contestants MUST wear a helmet.
4-H rules will be followed.

Youth Rider is age 7-11 as of January 1, 2018.
Junior Rider is age 12-15 as of January 1, 2018.
Senior Rider is age 16 and older as of January 1, 2018.
Walk/Trot Junior is age 8-13-cannot enter any canter classes.
Canter entries cannot do Walk/Trot Junior classes.

The Show Committee reserves the right to combine, split or cancel any classes. Negative Coggins and proof of rabies vaccination and CVI results within 12 months of the show date. Proof is required at the time of entry. The Elk County Fair Association will not be responsible for any accident or injuries to any animal or person. All exhibitors and spectators are required to pay general admission fees upon entering the fairgrounds. Only truck/horse trailer combos will be permitted to park near the show ring. All other vehicles (spectators) are required to park in the Fair parking lot.

Payback classes (*)
Classes with 5 or more entries:$10-$5-$3-$2
Classes with less than 5 entries: $5-$3-$2
*Grooming & Showmanship Senior
*Grooming & Showmanship Junior
*Grooming & Showmanship Youth
Dollarbareback-15 minute Tack Break
Open All Day Pleasure Walk Trot
*English Pleasure Senior
*English Pleasure Junior
*English Pleasure Youth
*English Equitation Senior
*English Equitation Junior
*English Equitation Youth
Hunter Hack
Open Trail
Miniature Horse in Hand Trail
Open All Day Western Pleasure Walk Trot
*Western Pleasure Senior
*Western Pleasure Junior
*Western Pleasure Youth
*Therapeutic Equitation
*Western Horsemanship Senior
*Western Horsemanship Junior
*Western Horsemanship Youth
Miniature Horse Jumping
Open Driving-Horse, Pony and Miniature
Open Command
Egg and Spoon
Keyhole Senior
Keyhole Junior
Keyhole Youth
*Pole Bending Senior
*Pole Bending Junior
*Pole Bending Youth
*Barrel Race Senior
*Barrel Race Junior
*Barrel Race Youth
Cutback Senior
Cutback Junior
Cutback Youth