Do you have a special talent?

Save the date for the 2017 Elk County Fair Talent Show on

Saturday August 12, 2017

on the George A. Swanson Memorial Stage.


Registration is at 2:30 with the show starting at 3.

There will be 3 age groups:
9 years and under
10-15 years old
16 and older

Acts will be limited to 4 minutes. Timer starts at the beginning of the act and will stop at the end of the act. Timer will not be allowed to stop and start during the act for musical changes, costume changes, prop changes, etc. No lip-syncing. No singing along with pre-recorded vocals. The number of acts may be limited to time restraints.

Register the day of the event or you can register in advance by contacting Jenna Ross at 335-5684.

Participants may only enter one act. If using recorded music, it must be edited.


Amateurs only-anyone who has been paid for performing their talent is not allowed to compete.

No bands will be permitted to compete in the talent show.

PREMIUMS: $50-$35-$25
Thank you and good luck to all that enter!